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Group Head, Corporate Services

  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Date Posted: 2-May-2018


Our client is a regional distributor for the world’s leading manufacturers of sanitary fittings, kitchen, tiles, doors and other interior solutions. In line with its desire to ensure that strategic roles are filled by best-in-class talent with the requisite experience and desired attributes, our client seeks to recruit an experienced and motivated individual to fill the role of Group Head, Corporate Services.

Detailed Job Description:

The Group Head, Corporate Services plays a critical role in partnering with the senior leadership team in setting the strategic direction for the organization, decision making and operations which includes developing and implementing the systems, processes and infrastructures required to support the growth and future of the organization.

Reporting to the Managing Director, the Group Head, Corporate Services is required to understand and contribute to building the strategic direction in addition to being a hands-on and participative manager that leads and develops an internal team to support the following areas:

Duties and Responsibilities:

Information Technology

  • The vision and leadership for developing and implementing information technology initiatives
  • Providing strategic oversight on the management of the company website and building  interactions that support the business goal
  • The planning and implementation of enterprise information systems to support the business operations
  • The short and long range planning, development and maintenance of integrated information systems, computer training, computer workstations and help desk support
  • Developing network technological solutions on a nation basis
  • Providing strategic and operational oversight of all management information systems (MIS), as well as ensuring linkage and integration of systems, telecommunications, and related technology

Admin and Facility Management

  • Providing strategic leadership and management to the Admin and Facility Management department and Asset Protection Team
  • Directing the design, planning, construction and maintenance of company facilities and properties 
  • Responsible for developing budgets and long-range facilities plans based on company growth and future facility needs
  • Overseeing the functioning of all building systems including mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety, plumbing, and waste management
  • Overseeing and provides support to the security team of the organization
  • Monitoring the budget for the departments and providing strategic advise on how to minimize cost
  • Overseeing activities for the development, management and delivery of all maintenance programs for facilities and related systems and equipment
  • Directing the maintenance, renovation and repair projects of the company's facilities
  • Exercising a high level of independent judgment in the development and implementation of a comprehensive facility condition assessment, short and long term maintenance plans and preventative maintenance program
  • Prioritizing and coordinates daily maintenance, repair and operational activities throughout the organization

Legal and Compliance

  • Developing and leading corporate legal strategy to promote and protect the company's matters
  • Developing and leading internal audit and corporate compliance programs
  • Overseeing delivery of legal services and resources to accomplish corporate goals, strategies and priorities
  • Maintaining proper corporate interactions with the relevant local, state and federal governmental bodies, legislatures and the community at large
  • Advising the Management team on a variety of issues that may arise during the cause of duty
  • Participating in the formulation of general management policy as a member of the executive management team
  • Managing a team of corporate counsel and other members of the legal department
  • Performing periodic internal audit including risk management and control management over operational effectiveness, financial reliability and compliance with all applicable directives and regulations

Required Qualifications and Experience

  • A Bachelor's Degree in any of the Social Science courses
  • A Master's Degree or MBA in Management related course
  • Minimum of 13 years working experience in a similar role and least 5 should be at managerial level
  • Experience in Systems implementation, change management
  • Experience in Organizational Performance Management Systems
  • Experience in Monitoring and Evaluation Frameworks
  • Understanding of legal and secretarial practices
  • Knowledge of relationship/stakeholder value and management practices
  • Knowledge of conflict management
  • Demonstrates expertise in resource management and quality assurance
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Ability to identify key organizational issues

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