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Facilities Manager

  • Location: Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ref #: GLO101
  • Date Posted: 4-Dec-2018


Our client is a leading indigenous group with interests in diverse portfolio of businesses. Our client is desirous of filling a key role with best-in class talent in terms of skills and experience for the position of a Facilities Manager.

Detailed Job Description:

  • Work closely with the Chairman and Chief of Staff to plan and execute the overall strategy for managing the Chairman's facilities in different locations, and all household employees
  • Supervise and train all household employees (cleaners, security men, cooks, etc.) and coordinate all household activities, assuring timely and high quality completion of all tasks
  • Supervise the work of external contractors, service people, artisans, and all service providers, ensuring the best quality of work and adherence to all household standards and expectations
  • Carry out periodic inspections of the Chairman's house(s), identifying faults/ issues that need to fixed
  • Ensure routine preventive maintenance is carried out on all household assets (generators, cars, washing machine, cookers, etc.)
  • Organise, schedule and oversee corrective maintenance and repairs of all household assets
  • Develop proposed budgets for running the Chairman's house(s) and prepare periodic shopping lists for household requirements
  • Meet with vendors and negotiate contracts for the provision of food, furnishings, and technical maintenance to ensure good value for the Chairman
  • Keep running records of all household expenses and compare with approved budget
  • Maintain household checking and petty cash accounts
  • Support the recruitment and interviewing of all household staff
  •       Develop and maintain secure storage room "vault" and inventory of contents
  • First degree and/or post graduate degree from a reputable institution preferably in Estate Management, or any other relevant discipline
  • Minimum of 8 - 10 years working experience in similar positions
  • Strong interpersonal, relationship-building, networking skills
  • Very good negotiation skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Action-oriented and driven to results
  • High level of loyalty/discretion

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