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Managing Director in an Aviation Handling Company

  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Date Posted: 13-Jun-2017


Our client desires to retain and grow its market share particularly in the aviation handling sector. The company requires an entrepreneurial and highly resourceful Managing Director/ CEO with a track record to drive the achievement of its business growth and transformation strategy.

Detailed Job Description:

The role will be responsible for the development and achievement of strategic objectives aimed at growing business revenue and profits and also provide sustainable improvement through business transformation.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities

§ Collaborate with the Board to define and articulate the company’s vision and champion the articulation of strategies and plans for achieving it

§ Recommend to the Board an annual operation plan and budget that addresses how to implement the approved corporate strategy and long term goals

§ Drive the expansion of the company’s footprint in the aviation sector by expanding the number of customers served

§ Ensure the development and implementation of relevant structures (process, people, and systems) to support the achievement of the company’s vision, goals and objectives

§ Provide leadership to direct reports and the entire staff, and ensure a strong relationship between senior management and the Board

§ Identify and understand emerging local and international issues that may affect the company and how they can be leveraged or mitigated

§ Oversee the formulation and implementation of effective marketing and customer engagement strategies to achieve sustainable growth in customer base, market share, sales and profit

§ Drive corporate culture through a shared vision, team building activities, and setting a cultural tone of honesty, integrity and transparency

§ Maintain a strong network of relationships that can positively position and promote the company

§ Maintain a good working relationship with key clients and stakeholders

Competency and Skill Requirements

Technical Competencies

§ Ability to define realistic operational and financial targets, and deliver within an agreed timeline

§ Ability to identify patterns across situations and identify key or underlying issues in complex situations

§ An understanding of human, financial and operational issues to make decisions aimed at improving overall organizational performance

§ Ability to continually review and assess the effectiveness of the company’s policies and processes, and identify improvement opportunities

Business Competencies

§ Possess a deep understanding of the impact of macroeconomic and industry trends on the business and the strategic options to be pursued

§ Experience identifying new revenue streams and overseeing the product/service development process for such opportunities

§ Ability to ensure time and resources are allocated to drive and sustain meaningful change

§ Nurture both formal and informal contacts to facilitate the progress of work

Leadership Competencies

§ Ability to lead teams and drive the company towards a common vision and goal

§ Must possess strong diplomatic skills and a natural affinity for cultivating relationships and building consensus

§ Must maintain integrity and professional ethics

§Possess excellent communication, business presentation, persuasion and analytical skills

§Exposure to best practice corporate governance principles

Required Qualifications and Experience

§  First degree from a reputable tertiary institution

§  An MBA or Business related postgraduate degree would be an added advantage

§  A proven track record in business transformation, process improvement and business development

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