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  • Location: Lagos, Nigeria
  • Ref #: AD/RD/006
  • Date Posted: 7-Aug-2017


The Associate Director (AD) for Research, Policy and Advocacy (RPA) is responsible for leading research portfolio, policy analysis and advocacy. The AD manages the provision of analysis, advice and support for specified programmes of the organization. The AD oversees diverse contractual engagements with research partners and coordinates   relationships with stakeholders and varied networks focused on research and policy.

Detailed Job Description:

  • Oversee the development of policy briefs, learning projects including submissions or initiatives on current issues of interest to public & private sector organizations.

  • Advance the organizations relationships with strategic partners and research institutes and advocacy coalitions to enhance, influence and impact in specified areas of development/operations.

  • Author and/or co-author research, policy and advocacy publications for national and regional benefits.

  • Will be responsible to the DG/CEO

Basic Requirement

  • At least a Masters level degree or (PhD) in Economics, Political Science & Public Policy Development;

  • Past experience working for (or closely with) major development organizations, especially international agencies with at least 5 years in senior executive position leading a relevant (RPA) department.

  • Experience in research and development of complex national & global issues will be of advantage.

  • Excellent writing skills with a proven ability to provide clarity and succinctness on communiques.

  • Very strong interpersonal and communication skills, vibrant professional networks within global knowledge and management community.

  • Age should be 40 – 55 years old.

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